Occupational safety

Since our company founded, we insist on putting environment protection, protection of the staff's health and safety at first place. HSE management is the guarantee to develop production; it's also the responsibility of all the staff. We promise.

。 We implement laws and regulations about HSE conscientiously.
。We improve HSE management system and carry out it continuously.
。We promote HSE policy to the staff and offer the staff training to raising their safety awareness.
。 We provide the staff safe place to work and reliable equipment to use, an offer personal protective equipment of national and industry standards.
。We offer the Contractors information and knowledge of HSE, and requiring them imply the national commercial specification and offer their staff training constantly.

。We are building strong relationship with government agency, institutions and the public and try our best to create a healthy ecological environment for the area where we live and produce together.
。We maintain the industrial hygiene of working place and create health and safety working conditions for staff and operation personnel.
。For every accident, we investigate and analyze it seriously, trying to find defects in our management system and then we correct it.

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