Dajin OffshoreDajin a leading specialist steel structures manufacturer & fabricator in the onshore & offshore energy industry •founded 2000, listed 2010 Shenzhen, PRC, stock code 002487 •HQ, Fuxin, Liaoning province, North-East China •Manufacturing : Liaoning(Onshore), Shandong (Offshore)fabrication bases .Boiler for 42GW thermal power plants, Wind tower to 3GW wind farms. The Customer list : Haerbin Electric , B&W American, Shanghai Electric ,Dongfeng Electric ,Vesta china , GE ,Gamesa , Suzlon , Gold wind, Mingyang ,Huaneng Power, Guodian Power, China water investment, Shenhua , Datang Power, Jingneng Power, CR Power.

Shandong Penglai (Offshore)founded in Dec 2009 which is 500,000 square meters total area and building is 100,000 square meters. Investment is 1,000,000,000 RMB, Registered 130,000,000RMB. We have wet dock that length is 250 meter and deep water -9.7 meter. The gantry crane on wet dock and max handling capacity is 1000 Ton .The Coast wise quay is 581 meters long and deep water is -14.4 meters. Main product is monopile, jacket, oshore wind tower, tripile and tripod and other oshore steel structure.The workshop max handling capacity is 400 ton. The annual ly capacity is 200,000 ton per year.

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